Deposited Lollipop

New Rose Pop

When flowers and sweet delicacies collide, the result is the most delicious of all sweets, the most beautiful of all flowers: TheNew Rose Pop. Remember the first moments with a New Rose Pop (jelly), both expectations and the sweet taste of a perfect moment.

Fan Pop

Flash a light in your eyes and unleash the colorful magic of excitement and fun with Fan pop. Your party will neverbe the same. Fan pop comes in 5 bright and yummy flavors- Strawberry, Mango, orange, strawberry and green mango. These pack of fruit lollipop have an irresistible fruity aroma and taste followed by bold colors and flavors. That’s because, in Fan Pop, they pack a whole lot of fruit into a small, refreshing, crunchy package. From the moment a Fan Pop is in your mouth, you know you’re having fun.

Toy Pop

We all know that a huge part of childhood is playtime. And children have a hard time parting with their favourite toys from their childhood. This can give rise to long lasting attachment. With that in mind, Here‘s Toy Pop. Just like the gift you received when you were little, your child will look for the box on their birthday or Christmas. But with the combination of a toy, a fruity flavour, and a chewable pop, your child will never have to be without their favourite.

Chilli Pop

Intense fruitiness makes you thirsty for more. Glide yourself over the Chilli Shaped Delicacy with the appetizing and sweet charms of strawberry flavoured hard-boiled pop!

Rose Pop

Rose-shaped lollipops are best to capture your party's inspiration PERFECT for every occasion to express love be it a wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, or valentine’s day.

Rainbow Pop

Assorted with exotic mixed fruit flavour& deliciously rich with distinctive rainbow colours. Rainbow Lollipop makes those moments cheerful for those close to you for every occasion and mood. Curated with love with no added preservatives for your good health.

My Love Pop

Fans of the flavor-packed popsicle-bouquet of a trend, satisfying confection in a pinch or once in a blue moon! Deliciously crackling heart-shaped lollipop in colorful packing and iced in an assortment of fruit flavors.

Ringo Pop

Ringo combines the flavour of popsicle with the chic look of a flower petal on a ring-shaped stick, making it the perfect addition to your spring colour palette. With its crispy exterior that touts a zesty flavour, Ringo pops are a delightful reminder of summertime fun.

Lip Rose Pop

Lip rose pop creates a light and airy cloud of luscious lips with each pop. Harness the sweet and light strawberry flavor to create a burst of happiness. This light and airy popsicle with a hard crunch will rapidly become an all-day favorite.

Toy Jelly

A decadent taste is just a step away. Just think of the lollipop you can never resist. Get your hands on this of this Teddy Shaped - Toy Jelly! With mix fruit melts in each pop.

Mini Rose Pop

All the feeling of love, joy & comfort in the palm of your hand. The scrumptious delight of strawberry as a mini rose!

Forming Lollipop


Your sweet tooth craves a taste of the good life. YOGITO - delivers goodness in the form of fruity-flavored bites that can be deliciously savoured with a satisfying creamy crunch. A perfect companion on the run - whether it be a snack or a dessert! Indulge in the luscious aroma of YOGITO!

Bubble Pop

Our Bubble-gum flavor bursts in your mouth with a refreshing burst of bubble-gum flavor. Sweet yet addicting, it is the perfect way to DELIGHT your senses.

JoJo Pop

JoJo pop is the hot new mix of Indian flavors that's always on-trend. With mouth-watering flavors such as strawberry, orange, imli, mango, pineapple, and kola, Not just a passing flavor - JoJo is a perfect mixture of sweet and sour, juicy and crunchy. The reminiscent of flavors you'll often find in a fruit punch.

Mellows Pop

Uniquely Designed and Colourful Form ofMellow pops are a magical combination of fruit flavours that will send jogs of happiness through your body. A satisfying range of fruity flavours burst in your mouth as you chew and release a fragrance that will have your senses gushing. These mini fruit pops are the perfect thing to bring out at a party, festival, or just to stick in your purse for a happy snack.
The Mellow pops range in fruity flavors like lychee, musk melon, orange, mango, strawberry.

Big Mango Pop

DON’T WAIT FOR SUMMER TO ARRIVE WHEN BIG MANGO POP IS ALIVE. Bursting with real mango, sweet with a rich, velvety crisp tang and refreshing zing. It has no added preservatives for your best health.

Poppy Pop

Poppy Pop is a whimsical twist on an old classic. When you pop a brightly coloured, chewy lollipop, with your favouriteflavors, there's that moment of true sweetness you'll never forget.