Chocolate Bars

Creamy Milk

Indulge in the timeless bliss of a moment of pleasure. CREAMY MILK BAR - Slayingly indulgent, calm & soothing taste. An inevitable part of every occasion.

Milky Lake

Milky Lake is an exquisite white chocolate treat with a touch of innocence to it. It has a velvety coating that is creamier, softer, silky, and gooey than what you would expect. It is made with wholesome ingredients that bring a childhood feeling of love and wonder to it today. This is why it’s a lifelong favourite.


There wasn't a name for this type of chocolate until now! BRUNETTE is an assortment of cubes shaped like chocolate, with smooth richness and a creamy taste so you can share and snack at your own pace. Just OPEN, and share!

Molded Chocolate


Flavors of the world await you in DOVANA CHOCOLATE, a product of premium chocolate. Sharing our rich Indian heritage and love of warm, sensual, and nuanced flavors, our artisanal chocolates are a true culinary indulgence, treasured by our customers across continents as well as our family at home. Our chocolate philosophy is to taste authentic, celebrate the differences and make people say WOW!
(Flavor- Chocolate, Kesar Kulfi, Kesar Pistachio, Strawberry, Vanilla & Mix)
Packaging- Jar (60 pcs), Box (20 pcs.), packet (60 pcs).